Welcome to the College of Science Blog

Welcome to The Pursuit, the official blog of the LSU College of Science!
This blog will showcase the broad spectrum of research and science communication underway in the College of Science and the people at the forefront of these innovative projects. You will meet student researchers contributing to groundbreaking investigations, students engaging in meaningful science communication, leading faculty experts on today’s most pressing issues and adventuresome scientists traveling to remote locations to uncover new species.
The LSU College of Science is a primary scientific resource for the state of Louisiana offering the highest quality education and programs to create and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research and discovery. We invite you to share and comment on the blog posts and offer suggestions for future blog topics.
To learn more about the College of Science, go to science.lsu.edu. You can also follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram. Thank you for reading the blog and we hope that the posts give you valuable insight into the programs and people that contribute to the success of the LSU College of Science.
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